Thursday, November 20, 2008

Silvio's Organic Pizza - Ann Arbor, Michigan

As long as I'm being unfaithful, I might as well come clean. I had pizza in Ann Arbor, too. 

In a land of Domino's, Pizza Huts, and Cottage Inns, Silvio's Organic Pizza offers it's clientele a "slice of health". As their name suggests, Silvio's sauce and toppings are all organic.

And what toppings! The Silvio's menu boats 35 different kinds of pizza. Who even knew there were so many things to put on a pizza? From your average margarita pizza, to asparagus and cream cheese sauce, to a vegan offering, to pesto seafood, to pumpkin, to...frankly, the choices can make your head spin. If you've poured over the 35 options and still can't find what you're looking for, Silvio's offers you the chance to "create your own masterpiece". 

The coolest part? They delivered. That's right, I got steaming hot gluten free pizza - in a pizza box - delivered to my (well, my boyfriend's) front door. Since leaving New York, where it's commonplace for overburdened bike messengers to peddle bags of take-out at any hour of the day or night, delivery has become something of a novelty for me. After all, here in the great American Midwest, pizza is pretty much the only thing anyone is willing to drive to your door. So it was really exciting to get dinner that I didn't have to cook from the comfort of my own home. 

Being the creature of habit that I am, I couldn't resist the eggplant pizza. I had an inkling that something funny might be going on when I saw that gluten free pizzas were only offered in 6" size, but I figured pizza was pizza and ordered anyway. When my pizza arrived, I couldn't help but laugh: my roasted eggplant, mozzarella cheese, and sun dried tomatoes were sitting atop a Glutino crust! I'd recognize that taste anywhere. Towards the end of senior year, when I was so busy working on my thesis I barely had time to breathe, I lived on those crusts, smothered in garlic humus and baked within an inch of their life. 

I was miffed for a moment - after all, why was I paying $8.59 for something I could've  - and had! - made myself? But as I ate my pizza, my pizza that I didn't have to make, my pizza that came from the same place that satisfied my gluten eating guy, my pizza that had really great toppings on it, I realized the deal wasn't so bad after all. And while I think using the Glutino crusts are a little silly, I'm glad Silvio's makes itself available to the gluten free community. How could I complain about a thing like that?

Clevelanders, Ann Arbor is only a hop, skip, and a 3 and a half hour jump away. It's one tank of gas, max. If you find yourself wanting to take a day trip somewhere, consider the destination possibilities of that quaint Michigan town and its gluten free pizza goodness. 

On a completely unrelated note...Nick over at Peanut Butter Boy is celebrating Peanut Butter Lovers Month in a big way. He's asking you to submit your favorite peanut butter recipe and will be showcasing his favorites at the end of the month. Why not use it as an opportunity to do some peanut butter food science-ing of your own? I offered up those oh-so yummy peanut butter pumpkin cookies, what are you going to send

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Gluten Free Steve said...

Oh wow, how cool. I used to live in A2 so it's cool to see this being offered.

The Peanut Butter Boy said...

The pizza place sounds awesome, I think it's time for me to visit my friend in MI! Thanks for the shout out too, MORE PEANUT BUTTER RECIPES PLEASE!

Linda said...

I think I would have been disappointed to find the Glutino crust, but it's great they are offering gf pizza delivery with so many topping choices.

Silvio Medoro said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Silvio also has his own homemade gluten-free crust, which is also vegan!! We also offer gluten-free pasta & a great chocolate silk vegan mousse!! We hope to see you guys again soon! -Silvio & Family

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