Monday, November 3, 2008

Gluten Free PSA #5: Vote With Your Gut

Unless you've fallen in to a Halloween candy induced sugar coma, you're probably more than aware that tomorrow is election day here in the states. More than ever, every vote counts, and here in Ohio that's especially true. 

I want to take a gluten-free moment to remind you to remind you to keep your celiac disease in mind when you go to the polls. Celiac disease is considered a pre-condition. Should you need to change from your current health insurance provider, your celiac disease could up your premiums or bar you from coverage at all!  

And I hate to be the barer of bad or scary news, but as any well educated celiac knows, our condition predisposes us to all kinds of secondary conditions from anemias to cancer. The bottom line is celiac disease is and autoimmune condition. And patients with autoimmune diseases need their doctors. And doctors need to get paid. So, us celiacs? We need health insurance. 

Under a Barack Obama presidency, people with preexisting conditions will not be denied health insurance. For more information, I'd like to invite you to check out Mike's Gluten-Free-Blog where there's a very through post on the matter. 

So voters, when you go to the polls tomorrow, remember to vote with your gut...and vote for a president who's willing to protect it. 

1 comment:

H.Peter said...

Interesting view point.
I like it, because it makes sense as an argument.

Hopefully they can turn things around down there now.

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