Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gluten Free PSA #4: Gluten Free Cupcake Party!!

When I decided to start writing these PSAs in early October, I never dreamed I'd have four - yes four - PSAs two weeks later. In my two and a half years of living gluten free, I don't think I'd heard of or attended more than a handful of events dedicated to celiac disease. Sure, there were support group meetings, but talking about the activities of my innards really doesn't sound like my ideal afternoon. Where was a girl to go for some gluten free fun? But I didn't need to worry. It seems that gluten free events are sprouting up everywhere, in my corner of Ohio and beyond.

We're up and coming. We're trendy. We're eating cupcakes. 

Cup...wha? That's right, I said it. Cupcakes. 

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness is inviting YOU to host a Gluten Free Cupcake Party to raise celiac awareness, raise money for celiac research, and generally have great gluten free cupcake filled afternoon - or evening - or breakfast. 

How does it work?

First, click on the cupcake link above and set your party date. You need to pick a date at least 3 weeks from now. Then you're on easy street to a FREE Cupcake Party Kit care of Pamela's Products. This kit contains the Classic Vanilla Cake Mix, the Luscious Chocolate Cake Mix, and three types of frosting. 

I know what you're thinking...what's the catch? You can't possibly be telling me I can get all of that for free. 

Well, sadly, the catch is you have to share. In order to get your Cupcake Party, call up 12 of your closest friends, explain to them that celiac is an insidious disease that affected thousands upon thousands of people - one particular that they know and love - and that if they'd provide you with a $15 donation for Celiac Disease Research they will join you for a gluten free cupcake party not to be missed. (Your guests will also get a free gift like a spatula or a frosting spreader. You, the super cool gluten free host or hostess, gets a free apron. You know, in addition to the free cupcakes.)

So invite friends over for decorating cupcakes, make them bake 'em with you, or simply provide the cupcakes and enjoy - and see if you can slip in a little celiac awareness along the way. But whatever you do, take lots of pictures because the NFCA wants to put pictures of you and your friends ENJOYING BEING GLUTEN FREE in their newsletter. How cool! 

I know, eating free gluten free cupcakes with your closest friends can be quite a hardship, but us celiacs gotta do what we gotta do. (tee hee) 

Image above is from ivillage.com and I originally came across the gluten free cupcake party at beyondricecakes.com -- credit where credit's due! 

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